Schools Fall Short:

Lack of Therapeutic Continuuum of Care in Public Schools

Katherine De Vito

Source: IOL/David Ritchie, African American News Agency  

Source: Daily News

Schools Fall Short: Lack OF Therapeutic  Continuum of Care in public schools

De Vito, K. (2017). Schools fall short: Lack of therapeutic continuum of care in public schools. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 23(4), 4-19. 

Public schools usually provide mental health counseling as a service during the school year. However, most do not provide counseling throughout school breaks. The risks from interrupted care may become more evident when summer break arrives. This may pose great risk for students, especially those with a history of attachment difficulties, who may decompensate over the lengthy summer break without consistent therapeutic support. This paper discusses school-based counseling, its effectiveness, and what happens when counseling services are disrupted, especially in the case of a student with attachment issues. This case study illustrates the decompensation of one student over the summer break, his plunge into gang activity, and why it is vital that public schools offer continued mental health counseling throughout the summer months. The continuum of care can be a component of gang prevention.