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Gang Prevention in Schools

Source: East Coast Gang Investigators Association

What do gang specialists


Edwin Torres is a Special Agent with the State Commission of Investigation assigned to the Organized Crimes Street Gang Unit and the president of the East Coast Gang Investigators Association. He started and commanded a gang unit at the NJ Training School for Boys. He has been working with gangs since 1993. In this video, he breaks down the warning signs of gang involvement in schools. 


Why do youth join gangs? What are risk factors? Special Agent Torres gives an inside view on the motivations for gang involvement.

Special Agent Torres shares the common age of gang entry, protective factors, and what schools can do to prevent gangs. 

Why do youth decide to leave gangs? Are there consequences? Listen as Special Agent Torres shares his knowledge.

Gang Awareness Presentation - Special Agent Torres
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Listen to Special Agent Torres giving an emotional Gang Awareness presentation to high school students. 

Gang Awareness Presentation 


Jay Franklin

Jay Franklin is a Gang Specialist and Captain of Security and Safety Manager for Riverside County, CA. He collaborates and works with schools on a daily basis on gang-related issues. 

Source: Chron

What does school administration say? 

School Bus
Interview with Joanne Mannix,
high school administrator, about gang prevention in schools  
Joanne Mannix Interview - Joanne Mannix
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High School Psychologist Greg Provenzano shares his view on gang prevention in schools.