of Gang Involvement

Additional Warning Signs 

Source: East Coast Gang Investigators Association

Information below provided by National Gang Center and www.njgangfree.org

Social media can be a space to represent affiliation, post threats, and promote gang activities. 

social media

 Youth may suddenly withdraw from longtime friends and develop a new friend group. 

New Friends

Young people may show a sudden interest in gangsta/gangster rap or movies, which highlight gang culture. 

music and movies

Youth may have money or expensive items without 


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There may be a sudden preoccupation with safety and constant surveying the area for danger. 

Safety Worry

There may be a sudden need for secrecy, displaying anger, aggression, deviance, and withdrawing from family and community. 

behavior change

Signs of drug abuse or having drug paraphernalia around can be a sign. 

Possession of firearms or weapons could be a sign of criminal or gang involvement. 


Young people can have nonaccidental injuries from being beaten or injuries to the hands and knuckles.